Science Diet Healthy Advantage

Healthy AdvantageProper nutrition is critical in maintaining your pet's general health and for providing a high quality of life. This is why we recommend Science Diet Healthy Advantage. This innovative diet focuses on the most common health issues facing our pets.   These main issues include maintaining Oral, Immune, Joint, Bladder, Skin and Coat Health, as well as promoting Healthy Digestion and Weight Management.

Science Diet Healthy Advantage provides all of this in one balanced diet through addition of L-carnitine to help maintain weight, Omega Fatty Acids for healthy skin and hair, appropriate mineral balance for bladder health, glucosamine and chondroitin for joint health and mobility, and high quality, highly digestible ingredients. In addition, the clinically proven kibble technology works like a toothbrush to clean the teeth as your pet eats.

Give your pet every advantage for a long and high quality of life by giving them the Healthy Advantage. To learn more, visit Advantage.


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