Board Certified Dermatology

Skin testAllergies are one of the most common problems that our pets suffer from.  Allergies can be seasonal, contact, or food related.  Testing and treatment can be frustrating and difficult.  Lakeland Veterinary Hospital is proud to be able to offer board certified dermatology service through the Pet Dermatology Clinic.  A board certified dermatologist travels to Lakeland Veterinary Hospital once monthly to evaluate patients.  Intradermal allergy testing can be done in-house with immediate results. 

For more information about the Pet Dermatology Clinic,click here.

To right:  An example of a very strongly reactive allergy skin test

About LVH

Lakeland Veterinary Hospital has been providing quality service to the Brainerd lakes area for over 40 years. Our award-winning facility was designed and built in 2000 by local architects with the purpose of providing our patients with a clean and comfortable environment.

Our professional staff is dedicated to providing your pet with the best medical attention available. We strive to provide


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If you have an after-hours emergency, please call our hospital at (218)829-1709 to have the on-call doctor paged. Lakeland Veterinary Hospital shares emergency call on a rotating basis with other local hospitals and AEVS in St. Cloud.

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