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Animal & Pet Boarding

Next time you are planning a trip and looking for pet-care, consider boarding your pet in our state-of-the-art facility. Our boarding area is equipped with both spacious dog kennels and cat condos with shelves for jumping and perching. Natural light fills the area thanks to several large windows. Your pet will be comfortable, safe, and well-attended to by our animal-loving staff.

Our Boarding Services

Our boarding facility is in the same building as our veterinary office, which means that your pet will have access to veterinary care in case of an emergency, and our staff is trained to administer medications, injections, and monitor pets who have special physical or behavioural needs. If there is any cause for alarm, a veterinarian if often steps away to confer with.

Our veterinary staff can also offer special services while you are away. By the time you return from your trip, you could be welcomed by a pet that has been recently groomed, or that has already accomplished their annual wellness exam or received their needed vaccinations for an additional fee. After a five-night stay, we offer complimentary baths for clients boarding with us before they return home.

Our professional animal care staff will take dogs outside for exercise three times a day: morning noon and night. We recommend that owner’s bring in their pets regular food for their stay so their digestive system is not upset by suddenly switching brands, but we are also able to provide pet food. Bringing in bedding and a toy from home will also help your pet to have a happy stay, because they will be able to smell the familiar scent of their loved ones on their comfort items. Please bring in only items that can be laundered.

Boarding Fees

Fees for boarding are calculated by night. The time that your pet is dropped off or picked up will not result in any changes to the overnight fee. The only drop-off and pick-up rules are that they must occur during our normal business hours so there will be someone available at the desk to check your pet in.

  • Fees for dogs: $42 per night
  • Fee for cats: $27 per night
  • Doggie daycare: $22 a day
  • Insulin care (additional fee): $12 per day

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