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The grooming professionals at Lakeland Veterinary Hospital can help to keep your pet fresh, clean, and feeling their best.

Our Grooming Services

Regularly grooming your pet has many benefits, not only for hygienic reasons, but also for their health and comfort. Some of the positive effects of regular grooming include:

  • Decreased shedding
  • Cooler body temperatures in the summer and decreased risk of heat stroke
  • Trimmer nails will be less likely to damage floors and furniture
  • Trimmed nails will prevent painful ingrown nails developing in your dog or cat’s footpads
  • Regularly expression of the anal glands is good for overall hygiene and preventing foul odors
  • Long-haired dogs and cats can avoid matting of the fur
  • Pleasant smelling animals often create less tension in the home and receive more physical affection from both owners and new friends
  • Parasites such as fleas can be caught early and treated

Long-haired dogs who require haircuts such as poodles and schnauzers should receive a grooming session every 6-8 weeks. In our experience, short-haired dogs can also benefit from a similar grooming schedule, but the frequency can be decided based on your own personal preference. If the short-haired dog is a shedding breed, and decreased shedding is a goal of the sessions, a 6-8 week frequency is a good goal for the shedding season in the spring and summer months. Or, if your dog has an encounter that leaves them smelling badly (such as a run in with a skunk) professional grooming may also be called for.

Many cat owners inquire if they should groom their cat. Cats are very clean animals, and regularly groom themselves. However despite your cat’s best efforts, they do need help regularly trimming their nails, being brushed, and receiving the occasional bath. Cats who are older or overweight might need regular grooming because they have difficulty getting those hard-to-reach spots. Long-haired cats such as Persians or ragdolls require regular grooming to prevent matting. If you do not want to provide regular grooming for them at home, our groomers have extensive experience washing, bathing, and brushing cats. For a fear free experience, we offer sedation for cats who may be nervous about the professional grooming process.

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