Lakeland Veterinary Hospital

Hospital Policies

The hospital policies at Lakeland Veterinary Hospital are in place to support our doctors and staff in providing our clients and their pets with best-in-class veterinary services in a comfortable and safe hospital environment.

Waiting Room Policy

It’s crucial to the safety of all people and pets in our facility that pets arrive and remain properly restrained until they are in the examination room. Dogs must be on a non-retractable leash and cats must be on a harness or in a crate. No pet is permitted to roam free in the common areas.

In addition, if your pet has a history of exhibiting aggression when they are in new environments or exposed to unfamiliar people or animals, please use a soft muzzle to protect both them and our other guests from engaging in a conflict.

If you are suspicious that your pet may have a contagious disease, please disclose this information to us ahead of time and we will prepare a separate area where you can wait with them for your appointment.

Leash Etiquette & Safety Policy

Effective immediately, for the safety of all clients and staff, we require all pets to be restrained by:

  • A fixed 4ft-6ft leash or contained inside of a carrier.
  • Retractable "flexi" leashes will no longer be an acceptable form of restraint.If you do not have a proper leash, we will happily provide you with one.

Thank you for your understanding!

Payment Policy

In order to provide our clients with the highest quality veterinary medical services in a technologically advanced facility, we require payment be made in full at the time services are rendered.

We accept cash Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover, and CareCredit®

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